Glamorous Parties and Classic Cars
Nicole B. Brewer

On Saturday noted sculptor Dorothy Frankel opened her enchanting Sag Harbor home/studio and beautifully landscaped sculpture gardens for a 10th Anniversary celebration for the Animal Rescue Fund's Cat Collection program which has captured thousands of feral cats, neutered them and placed them in good homes. Mercedes Ruehl another long time supporter of ARF was the co-host for the afternoon cocktail soiree. Frankel's passion for four legged critters was evident when rounding the bend of her driveway the first things one sees are lifelike clay sculptures of dogs rolling on the ground in pure bliss.

We toured the light-filled house that was packed with Frankel's work both completed pieces and several in formation as well as photographs of her public art pieces that are in parks and plazas all over the country. The highlight of our tour was a walk through the meandering wooded paths at the rear of her property where every turn brought a new surprise in the form of one of her whimsical works.

Spotted in the crowd were artists Eric Ernst, Joan Kraisky, Michael Knigin, Kimberley McSparran and David Weinrib, Sara Davison, ARF's executive director, Kirk Cassels, Dan Mitrona, Robert Koslowicz, Richard and Harriet Demato (who will soon show at Hampton Road Gallery), Myron Clement and partner Joe Petrocik, Dawn Lemmon, Ted and Jennifer Liang with their adorable baby Sophie and Susan Sorensen.

Florence Zahn, Dorothy's mother flew in from Los Angeles especially for the event just to lend a bit of moral support for the artist who clearly had everything in hand. Kevin Miserocchi who works with the estate of the late cartoon artist Charles Addams told us of the plans to bring his wildly funny creation The Addams Family to Broadway in 2008.

With reporting from Dana Berkowitz, Edward Callaghan, and Katrina Lovett.