Artist's Statement 

I started my career in the early 1980s sculpting figurative pieces in wood from trees. This work was followed by an exploration of abstract forms. Using materials salvaged from woodworking shops, I refined my abstract pieces and expanded my technique to craft furniture, and even a rowboat.

In 1986, my work underwent a radical change and I began sculpting in clay. I was attracted to Terra Cotta because it comes in a variety of colors and can be transformed into many textures. Clay also offered richness and depth. I use my hands to create the sculpture, which makes this an attractive medium. I often use different clays in combination with each other to achieve dimension through color and surface texture. Through this technique, I create a natural, intuitive depth which conveys a deep emotional expression. My work emphasizes a strong emotive connection to the earth, to oneself, another, animal or the land...instead of a focus on heavily intellectual concepts or designs. Some pieces are meant to bring out the quiet in us.
In keeping with this principal, I also create three-dimensional abstract and figurative works referencing anatomical forms, animals, nature, as well as simple geometric shapes. Some sculptures are cast in bronze or stone. I have over the years added wall reliefs to my artistic repertoire. I have continued to use unglazed Terra Cotta as my primary medium. Though at times I add glazing and painting to the  clay pieces.
The thread that weaves my sculptures together is the investigation between nature and spirit. The evocation of this relationship gives my work serene and contemplative tones. It offers viewers a visual sanctuary and an opportunity for peaceful reflection.

The texture found in my pieces, whether it be the pinched surface of Terra Cotta wall relief or the indentation of bones and muscles in a piece cast in bronze, is meant to beckon viewers to touch the work with both their fingers as well as their eyes. My pieces are based on sensory expression and are meant to draw out the emotional and immediate nature of its viewers. I strive to make work both accessible and positive in a world where much emphasis is put on anguish.


Selected Exhibitions

Museum Exhibitions

2016                             Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY

2016                             Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NY

2010                             Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, Honorable Mention

2009                             Guild Hall Museum, "Acquisitions", East Hampton, NY

2005                             Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY

2005                             Guild Hall Museum Studio Tour, East Hampton, NY

2004                             Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY Honorable Mention

1996                             Guild Hall Museum Store, East Hampton, NY


Public Exhibitions 

2011                             Newark Peace Summit, Newark , NJ

2011                             The Anthony Giordano Gallery, Dowling College, Oakdale, NY

2006                             New York City Parks Public Art, NY

2005                             Peace Arch Park, Blaine, Washington

2004                             New York City Parks Public Art, NYC, NY

2004-05                        School of the Deaf, New York City, NY

2003-current                 Pratt Sculpture Park, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

2000                             Bayberry Gardens, East Hampton, New York

1999                             Hen Nurseries Inc., East Hampton, New York

1998                             C.W.Nelson Botanical Gardens, Sandisfield, Massachusetts

1996                             Friends of Guild Hall Museum Studio Tour, East Hampton, New York

1988                             ART Around Town, Bridgehampton, New York


Group Exhitions

2013-present             Kramoris Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY

2013-present             Canios Books, Sag Harbor, NY

2011-2014                 The Anthony Giordano Gallery, Dowling College, Oakdale, NY

2010                           Demato Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY Juried show Retreat

                                   Old Mill Inn, Mattituck, NY

                                   Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY Honorable Mention

2008-09                      The Fells Sculpture Park, Newbury, NH

2008                            Babettes, East Hampton, NY

                                    Keyes Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY

2007-04                      Gallery Merz,, Sag Harbor, NY

2005-06                      Tulla Booth Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY

2005-04                       Ferregut Tower Galley, Southampton, NY 

                                    Hampton Road Gallery, Southampton, NY

                                    The Fells, Newbury New Hampshire

                                    East End Arts Council, Juried show, Riverhead, NY                                           

2002-03                      BelleArte Gallery, West Hollywood, California

2002                            Gallery Blue, New York City, New York                         

2002-1995                   Paul Gingrich Gallery, Southampton, New York

                                    Mark Humphrey Gallery, Southampton, New York

                                    Burlington County College Gallery, Pemberton, New Jersey

                                    Gayle Willson Gallery, Southampton, New York

                                     RVS Gallery, Southampton, New York

                                    Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York

                                     Lizan-Tops Gallery, East Hampton, New York                




            Guild Hall Museum. East  Hampton, New York

            Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, New York

            Henry Buhl Collection, New York City, New York

            2006 Buhl Collection Calendar

            Katherine and William Rayner

            The Natures Conservancy, East Hampton, New York

            Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

            Peter and Jenny  Mayle, France

            Sandra Stetson Schifter

            Barbara Slifka

            Steven  Perillo

            Hampton Day School, Bridgehampton, New York

            AutoSplice Company, San Diego, California

            Animal Rescue Fund, Wainscott, New York

            Carole Vince Designs, Morristown, New Jersey

            Timberlake Farm- Perserve, Greensboro, North Carolina

            A Child’s Place, Hillsborough, New Jersey


Award Sculpture

           Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy, NYC, NY, October 15, 2007, given to Hillary Clinton, Ellen Malcolm

           Alec Baldwin, Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine, 2010




My professional journey, and life, took many twists and turns before I became an artist. Growing up in Northern New Jersey, my early aesthetic education was compromised of  a few school arts classes, all before the age of 11 and it wasn't until adulthood that I nurtured my artistic expression. Theater was more of the medium of exposure.
In 1972, I started my undergraduate studies at George Washington University as a pre-law major. While in college, I became concerned with a family history of heart disease and investigated methods of achieving health and fitness. I participated in one of the first Cardiac Rehabilitation studies. I soon discovered a passion for the study of the science of exercise or Kinesiology, which was a budding field. Wanting to deepen my education, I transferred to the University of Maryland and graduated in 1976 with a bachelors of science.

I was later accepted into the applied physiology masters program at Columbia University. At the time I was conducting my graduate work, clinical fitness studies and statistical formulas centered around men, but for my thesis I focused on the relationship between exercise and body fat in women.

After earning my masters degree in 1979, I continued to concentrate on the needs of women and developed one of the first sports bras, called Actively Yours. After testing 18 versions of the product, I received a patent in 1983.

While maintaining the Actively Yours brand, I established a private professional fitness center in New York City in 1980. The Printing House Fitness Center was the first of its kind in Manhattan where clients worked on all aspects of health and fitness. My center was exclusively staffed by instructors who held masters degrees and I created an advisory board of physicians.

By 1985, I decided to permanently relocate to Sag Harbor, where I later started a private fitness center. It was at this time, however, that I was experiencing an awakening of my own passion for sculpture.  While fixing up my home, I discovered a love for working with my hands which naturally led me to sculpt. Working with salvaged wood, I carved abstract pieces and furniture. Then I took a class with clay and realized my medium.

 In my  thirties, I found myself embarking on a second career and threw myself into my education. I enrolled at the Sculpture Center in New York City, while also taking classes at the National Academy of Design. Determined to vary my technique and mediums, I traveled to Italy in 1994 and 1997 to study with Roberta Giovanni in Italy. This experience of studying abroad was a decisive turn in my life. I returned home with new fervor and was eager to learn, explore and obsessively hone my technique. It was in those countless hours I spent refining my work that I uncovered my artistic voice.  Slowly I phased out of the fitness business (1994) and closed down my private gym to pursue my art. Knowing as a health professional, that being consistent with ones true nature and living in ones passions enhances health, I slowly allowed  myself to unfold.

Similar to my journey into becoming an artist, my work is about connecting to one's true nature, ones heart as well as the  aesthetic.  My pieces reflect the relationships we have to ourselves and others, while highlighting individuality and the importance of unique expression. My goal is to creatively express this process with beauty, depth and  compassion.




            1997 & 1994                 Pietrasanta, Italy-Roberta Giovanni

            1996                             Urban Glass-Glass Casting, Brooklyn, NY

            1992-1995                 Sculpture Center, New York City, NY

            1993                             National Academy of Design, New York City, New York

            1979                             Columbia University, New York, M.A., Applied Physiology

            1976                             University of Maryland, College Park, Md., B.S. Kinesiology

            1972-1974                 George Washington University, Washington, D.C-Liberal Arts.

            1975                             Nottington College, Nottington, England – Dance